When it comes to natural nails, Jessica Cosmetics is considered a world leading brand, with a range of Jessica nail products to achieve and maintain naturally beautiful nails. Jessica nails developed products that are used in beauty salons for manicures and pedicures.

Movie stars, models and VIPs regularly have their nails manicured as well as being avid users of the Jessica Nail products…

Jessica Nails Manicure Services
Jessica Express Manicure (45 minutes)  £20
Jessica Luxury Manicure (75 minutes) £26
Jessica Geleration Gel polish (30 minutes) £20
File & Polish (15 minutes)  £10
Jessica Express Pedicure (45 minutes)  £28
Jessica Luxury Pedicure (75 minutes)  £32
Callus peel to soften hard calluses quickly  £20